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ARTIST :: Yukitomo Hamasaki
TITLE :: d+p
LABEL :: mAtter
Type of Format :: mp.3


mix : Yukitomo Hamasaki + uhitokiyosue
mastering : Yukitomo Hamasaki + Isao Kumano at Phonon studio
photography : Yukitomo Hamasaki
sleeve design : mAtter

Comments by Christophe Charles

The music created by YUKITOMO HAMASAKI includes a lot of worthy elements and features. His music is possible to put into context within the sounds that surround us,in a sense, it could be called selfless music, It's like a clear window. It's as if we're looking at or listening to a landscape through a window or a microscope. The elements of the sound landscape are expanded to an extent in which the focus is constantly shifting.I feel as if these sounds, such as both a distant and closer bell sound, the sound of a train, insects, birds , a human being's voice, and an aircraft, are filtered with winds. At the same time, the basic structure of it's soundscape gives me an explicit sense of a landscape which has been deformes.
I appear to be that it's composed of only the integral important parts and it's like " Cheap Imitation" by John Cage against ”Socrates" by Eric Satie.

The more you listen to it, the more you have new experiences, due to the fine clashes of his delicately crafted sounds, the diffusible tones and sound environments.

-Christophe Charles (sound artist/assistant professor of Dept. of imaging Arts in Musashino Art University)

Comments by Akihiro Kubota

The music brought forth from YUKITOMO HAMASAKI is not too small, not too big, not too little, not too much, not too fast, not too slow, not too strong, not too weak.As if it sounded that way from scratch.As if where light is, there is also shadow, his music always has an invisible and unavoidable " something ", and brings forth a flickering border that could not appear without all of these elements.It's not a sound composition nor an ear composition, but if there is only one way to call it, then it's "composition" held up by some bizarre symmetry. Such an intensity of balance and suppleness couldn't have been created from a conservative spirit that is simply trying to master something.Keep being abstract, as well as keep being free, despite the difficulty.

Akihiro Kubota (Sound Artist/ Professor of Tama Art University)

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