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ARTIST :: Go Koyashiki
TITLE :: slit
LABEL :: mAtter
Type of Format :: mp.3



01. untitled_02'23
02. untitled_05'33
03. untitled_05'37
04. untitled_06'57
05. untitled_04'52
06. untitled_01'29
07. untitled_04'18
08. untitled_02'24
09. untitled_03'29
10. untitled_05'30

mix : Go Koyashiki+uhitokiyosue
mastering : Go Koyashiki+Isao Kumano at Phonon studio

This work focus on to RHYTHM and Glitch that he has edited and composed using Sine-Waves and Filed-Recordings with Max/MSP.

Go Koyashiki

Musician/Film Composer. With the background of having learned Berklee method and music history, Koyoshiki composes strings ensemble and chamber music.
After having played in a few bands with various genres as a guitarist, Koyashiki started to shift his

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