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ARTIST :: Pe Lang
TITLE :: nacht
LABEL :: mAtter
Type of Format :: mp.3

1. nacht 1
2. nacht 1.1
3. nacht 2
4. nacht 3
5. nacht 5.3_silence
6. optionen9.2

Pe Lang

Pe Lang, born in 1974 in Switzerland, lives and works in Zurich and Berlin.
He has exhibited and performed in several important museums,
galleries and festivals, including Transmediale,
Berlin; AV Festival, Newcastle; Elektra,
Montreal; Sonic Acts XII, Amsterdam; Great North Museum,
Newcastle; Växjö Kunsthalle,
Sweden; Dissonanze, Rome; bitforms gallery,
New York; ISEA 2008, Singapore; Netherlands Media Art Institute,
Amsterdam; and Cybersonica, London.


2013_Japan Media Arts Festival, Art Division, Jury Selection, Tokyo, Japan

2012_Residency, Exploratorium, museum of science, art, and human perception, San Francisco, USA.

2011_Sitemapping/Mediaprojects Award, Bundesamt für Kultur (BAK).

2010 _Swiss Art Award.

_Grand Prix Fenêtre.

2009 _ Swiss Art Award.

2008 _Sitemapping/Mediaprojects Award, Bundesamt für Kultur (BAK).

2007 _CSEM Artists in labs residency (BAK: 9 Month stipend 2007 at the swiss center for electronics and microtechnology CSEM).

_Premio-Award (Video-software «Jitterbug»-project).

2005 _Sitemapping/Mediaprojects Award (Software development),
Bundesamt für Kultur (BAK).

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