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ARTIST :: Yu Miyashita
TITLE :: Navy See Res in Brighton
LABEL :: mAtter
Type of Format :: mp.3

01. In
02. Ash Lug Sun
03. Navy See Res
04. End or First
05. Schlock Ops
06. Sepia Walks Me 1
07. Endwise
08. Sage Asks Pulse
09. Remove Faith
10. Sepia Walks Me 2
11. Out

Yu Miyashita
Debuted from German Mille Plateaux in 2011. Miyashita is also known for his releases from Japanese labels such as mAtter, original context art label run by Yukitomo Hamasaki and SIGNAL_DADA, alternative-electronic music record label run by shotahirama. The music video "Lucio Arese | Yu Miyashita - Mimic" (2012) has been selected, nominated and screened at various festivals across the world to include Ars Electronica Animation Festival (Linz, Austria), Athens Video Art Festival (Athens, Greece), International Film Festival Of Cinematic Arts (Los Angeles, USA), Saatchi New Director's Showcase (Cannes, France), SIGGRAPH (Singapore).

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