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ARTIST :: Ákos Garai
TITLE :: Three Shaded Leaves (for Bernhard Günter)
LABEL :: mAtter
Type of Format :: mp.3 & SOUND DOCUMENTATION as PDF 35 pages

01. Leaf 1
02. Leaf 2
03. Leaf 3

Liner Notes ::

Dedication is always presuming a special relationship between the "sender” and the "addressed”
persons. Often, it is a kind of "master and slave” connection which can be defined with such words
as honor, respect, and responsibility.

My first encounter with Bernhard Günter’s music was back in 1997. Two of his excellent pieces,
namely "Details Agrandis” and later "Impossible Grey” have changed my entire idea of what I call
music and musicality. Thanks to these radical masterpieces of monochrome heaven, my listening
activity has turned into a new state of mind where sounds do not distract the listener’s attention
from music; rather, every sound event, and movement carries the same importance and evidence
in the composition.

In his own album titles, Bernhard Günter has often dedicated his work to others (for Morton
Feldman, Mark Rothko, Jim O’Rourke) as a kind gesture. Thus, I decided to dedicated "Three
Shaded Leaves” to Bernhard himself as a kind of expression of my highest appreciation to this
great artist and musician.

18th August 2009
Ákos Garai

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