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ARTIST :: Yukitomo Hamasaki
LABEL :: mAtter
Type of Format :: mp.3

01. untitled (the GARDEN #1)
02. untitled (the GARDEN #2)
03. untitled (the GARDEN #3)
04. untitled (the GARDEN #4)
05. untitled (the GARDEN #5)
06. untitled (the GARDEN #6)

Mastering : Yu Miyashita (UNDERARROW)
Sleeve Photo : Michal Martychowiec

*An Art piece of cover : Michal Martychowiec "Pictura et imago" 

"the GARDEN" by Yukitomo Hamasaki

"The GARDEN" is a work based on the methodology of field recording. However, the natural and urban sounds in this work were not recorded by the artist himself. Instead, all sound materials were recorded or downloaded from various websites in the Internet.

Yukitomo considers the inside of the Internet as one of the new fields for “behaviors”. The field recording sound, both natural and social sound, can be regarded as traces of “behaviors.” In other words, the “behaviors” include all phenomena in our community, on the earth. The “behaviors”, which are done in the real world, are done in the online world as well. The Internet can’t make natural sound by itself. However, we can listen natural sounds in the Internet world. The real and online world is not contrasting structure, and the Internet world is the new field, new locality and new domain/territory/region for the “behaviors.”

In “the GARDEN,” all sound materials were selected arbitrary from the online world, and there are no relationships between each sound. All natural sounds in this piece were recorded in various time and space, and all performed sound were created based on various thoughts, tastes, genres and cultural background. Then, all these sounds were edited to compose as one piece. “The GARDEN” is the work with removing personal ID and locality of sound files, then, reconstructing them in the new context based on the aesthetic of the artist

The working method of “the GARDEN” followed models of planting process of Japanese and European gardens. The gardeners gather stones and plants from various places in the natural world. The stones and trees in the gardening process have similarity with the sound files, which are edited and processed in the composing process. Like sound files in “the GARDEN,” the temporal and spatial meanings of building materials are detached and modified in the gardening process. The garden is constructed as the new land as the result of bricolage of natural materials coming from various time and space, which is conducted by the aesthetic of creator. 

The process of making gardens is directed by the form of personal aesthetic ultimately and has the similarity with the concept and working method of this work. The title, "the GARDEN," comes from this reason.

In addition, we’d like to mention that some ironies were included in this work, which was started to produce after March 11th of 2011 in Japan.

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